Quran Tracker

Quran memorisation (hifdh) and revision software to help you make better progress learning the Quran.

Track your hifdh ayah by ayah to make better progress with your hifdh.
Easily manage revising surahs you've memorised to make sure you don't forget them.
Set a target for your hifdh and QuranTracker tells you where you should be everyday to keep you on track.
Setup a day by day, surah by surah timetable for your revision so you know exactly what to revise.
Many other features, such as audio recitation and translation, to help you learn the Quran.


QuranTracker has various features to help you learn the Quran and manage memorising new portions of the Quran as well as revising what you have learned.

With QuranTracker you can:

  • Track surahs that you are learning or revising.

  • Track your memorisation ayah by ayah and surah by surah using a simple traffic lights colour coding (red, yellow and green) system.

  • Easily mark ayahs where you have problems that need more work.

  • Set targets for your hifdh to keep yourself on track and motivated.

  • Set up a day by day, surah by surah revision plan to help you manage your revision.

  • Manage revising surahs you've learned by ticking them off on a checklist.

  • Add surahs to your tracker as you go along.

  • Listen to Quran recitation and read translation.

  • Personalise your Tracker with custom themes.

  • Track your kids' Quran learning.


"Quran Tracker presents all these features in an aesthetically appealing package. The ease of use, convenient access and ample features already developed and even planned for development are bound to catch the interest of both young and old, current huffaaz and aspiring ones Insha Allah Ta’ala."ProductiveMuslim.com Review

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"Mashallah, this is a really good site, i needed some thing as i was a bit stuck, this has really helped."

"I just thought I'd let you know that you have really made mine and my sons life easier, he is now finding this enjoyable as he has a graphical interface to interact with :-)"

"Its a great effort and the best part is the simplicity. It has inspired me to start memorizing the Quran."

"One son in particular, who is usually very slow, is working harder now with his hour of Qur'an in order to get on the tracker and record his progress. in fact he's spending far more time on his Qur'an than ever before mashallah!"